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Technology is making us lethargic. We often hear this from our parents. And, I somewhere agree with this statement too, but not completely. Technology has been a boon for us too.

Remember how we used to change channels on our old black and white televisions. Nobody liked to get up, move towards the TV and switch the channel again and again with a dial. That was painful.

But technology gave us remote controls we can use to control our television even from our neighbor’s house. Easy life 😀

Just like our daily life, technology has made our work easy too. There were many jobs that were repetitive, tedious, and humdrum. But because of technology, we’ve tools that can automate those jobs so we can spend our time on what we love to do. And in this post, I’m going to talk about one such kind of tool that is… Mautic.

I observed that it’s really hard to understand Mautic, so I’ve created this comprehensive Mautic guide that explains all major things about Mautic. So without further ado, let’s begin.

These are the things you’re gonna learn in this Mautic guide:

What Is Mautic?

Mautic is an open source marketing automation software that helps marketers automate their repetitive marketing tasks such as lead generation, contact scoring, contact segmentation, marketing campaigns, etc.

That was just a definition of this tool. If you want to comprehend it completely, you must check out the above video created by Mautic itself. However, there are many more things in Mautic a user has to know about. But in this Mautic guide, it’ll explain all of them. So let’s move down to our next question that is

Benefits Of Using Mautic

Commonly we start using a thing because it benefits us in some ways. Similarly, businesses use Mautic because it benefits them in plenty of ways. From saving their invaluable time to augment their business growth, it can do a lot.

So here are some of the benefits businesses should use Mautic for:

  • It saves time you waste on redundant marketing tasks

    88% of marketers say that automation helps them reduce the time they spend on preparing reports and analysis.

    Nothing irritates you more than a tedious task. A task that consumes time but you’ve to perform on a daily basis. And if we talk about marketing, there are plenty of them. And you know as a business grows, the priorities grow too, but the time doesn’t. So you have to pick your priorities wisely.

    But this delays your daily tasks and you can’t even neglect them. So here marketing automation tools like Mautic comes into handy. Mautic automates marketing tasks you need to perform regularly like sending emails to your users, segmenting customers, generating and nurturing leads, so you can focus on your priorities.

  • It grows your email list fast

    86% of business professionals prefer to use email communication for business purposes. Why so? Because it is the 3rd most influential source of information for B2B audiences.

    So you know how significant emails are for your business. But it will benefit you only if you’ve got a big email list. And honestly speaking, it takes an eternity to grow your email list. Hence you should automate this process instead of doing it manually.

    With Mautic, you can create forms that appear on your website and capture the user data. You can also analyze this data to understand your users, their needs, interests, etc. and segment them on the basis of it for better targeting.

  • It helps create targeting campaigns easily

    If you ask me about the most prominent feature of Mautic, I’ll say it’s Mautic campaign builder. This feature is a sort of USP of Mautic. If you own a business and create campaigns, and often face trouble while creating them, Mautic campaign builder can be your troubleshooter. It’ll help you create converting and personalized email marketing campaigns.

    benefits of personalization in email marketing
    Source: Uplandsoftware

    You can create multi-channel campaigns with Mautic that are so well represented on the tool that your grandma will understand it too ;). Drag and drop feature is also available to ease the process of campaign creation. What you need to do is to add the conditions, actions, and decisions in your campaigns that are clearly distinguished in the tool.

  • It boost your sales

    The eventual but ultimate benefit of using Mautic is that it boosts your sales. We cannot connect this straight to a specific feature but it does that indirectly. Let me tell you how.

    Mautic has a feature called A/B Testing. It allows you to create two different versions of a similar content piece or landing page. Once you create them, you can test them by putting them in front of your audience to know which drives more actions or simply, converts better.

    Once you get the idea about a more converting version, you can go with it, test it again in the future with different versions and repeat the cycle to get better results.

    Another feature is customer segmentation that allows you to create segments for a specific group of users that share similar characteristics. These segments help you create campaigns that are more targeting and convert more users into customers.

  • It helps in Customer Retention

    Mautic helps businesses build strong and lasting relationships with customers. It does that by constantly nurturing them and providing them personalized customer experience. This helps businesses in customer retention that helps brands in many ways.

    benefits of customer retention
    Source: BusinessInsider

    Using Mautic assures that your email subscribers will get personalized emails that enhance their customer experience. Email like welcome emails, product launch emails, ebook emails, sale, webinar, review, thank you, etc. kind of emails from your brand so they don’t feel forgotten and think you care about them.

    Remember, if you don’t forget your customers, they won’t forget you.

Features Of Mautic

I’ve created a detailed blog post where I’ve mentioned all the features of Mautic and explained why Mautic is the best open source marketing automation software. So I’m not gonna tell everything from scratch again. You can check that blog to know all the features. And here I’ll give you a short overview of the features listed below. So let’s begin:

1. Lead Management

Mautic helps you in lead management and by lead management, I mean generating leads, nurturing them, and analyzing their characteristics for targeting. Mautic uses forms to capture leads, emails to nurture leads, and reports to analyze their behavior.

2. Contact Activity Tracking

Mautic provides you a feature of activity tracking. You just need to add tracking code in the Mautic CRM and it’ll show you which page your users have visited. With this feature, you can understand the interests of your contacts and target them accordingly.

3. Email Marketing

You can perform email marketing at best using Mautic. For this you can use various predefined Mautic email templates or also create your own email templates with its email builder feature. This helps you create elegant and catchy emails where you can also add personalized content the readers can relate with.

4. Contact Segmentation

Segmentation as I explained above helps you segregate your contacts on the basis of their characteristics. Mautic lets you create segments as per your choice. These segments hold the customer data that goes in it after getting filtered by the filters provided by Mautic itself.

Mautic provides over 50 filters. These filters are like conditions. You can add multiple conditions and if a contact fulfills those conditions, it will be added to that segment.

5. Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is a prominent feature of Mautic that helps you create relevant content for your emails and landing pages. You can analyze the real-time engagement data to understand what type of content your audience needs. You can add code in your email content and personalize it so each individual receives a perfect message.

6. Landing Pages

Landing pages generate plenty of leads for businesses. With Mautic, you can create such landing pages that your target audience finds perfect and have the ability to drive action. With the easy drag and drop functionality, you just need to pick and place the item at a suitable place on your landing page. No arduous efforts needed!

7. Focus Item

Focus item feature lets owners decide what they should focus on among displaying a lead capturing form, an important notice, or a link to a specific page.

If you want to increase the number of newsletter subscribers for instance, you can select the option “Collect Data” and it will show you all the details you need to create a lead capturing form. Once you create it you can display it over your website as a bar, notification, full page, or popup.

8. Multi-channel Campaigns

I talked about multi-channel campaigns above. Mautic campaign builder is an amazing feature that lets you create campaigns for different situations to target users. You can simply by dragging the options here and there create your campaign. These campaigns elaborate on the workflow of what you’re gonna do to target your users so they make an action.

9. Mautic Forms

There are two types of forms in Mautic, 1) Campaign Form, 2) Standalone Form.

A campaign form can add a contact directly into a campaign whereas a standalone form can add a contact into a segment but not into a campaign.

Select what type of form you want to create. If you want to capture your visitors’ data, you can create a standalone form and display it on your website with the help of the focus item feature.

If you want to create a complete campaign, target or retarget your contacts, you can create a campaign form.

10. Integrations With Other Platforms

A focal point of Mautic is that it integrates with many different platforms. Platforms like social media platforms or eCommerce website building platforms, you can connect Mautic with many of them.

You can integrate the channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc. with Mautic to connect with your audience. Or you can also integrate it with eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce to synchronize your contacts and organize them for targeting.

Mautic vs Other Marketing Automation Tools

Honestly, comparing Mautic with other tools doesn’t make much sense. But since this is a Mautic guide, so I’ve to put all the details in front of you. So here’s a quick comparison of a few of the major marketing automation or email marketing tools with Mautic.

Mautic vs Hubspot vs Mailchimp vs Marketo

Open Source PlatformFree CRMIntuitive email marketing toolAwesome community and customer support
Free / Low costEasy to useEasy drag and drop builder for landing pages & emailsEasy to set up
Easy to useAmazing customer supportEasy to connect with eCommerce platformsFlexible payment options
Fairly newLimitations for free usageFlexibility issuesVery expensive
Hard to set upExpensiveUneasy to contact customer support on chat or callLimited analytics and reports functionalities
Unreliable customer supportLess flexibilityHard to understand its languageClunky form and landing page builder

What Is The Cost Of Mautic?

Well, there isn’t a one liner for this but allow me to clear all the doubts about this question. Mautic is available in both free and paid versions. In technical terms they are called self-hosted and hosted versions. Let me clear what they are:

1. Self-hosted Version

The self-hosted version that is available on Mautic.org is a free version of Mautic. Installing this version is completely free but remember, you will require a server to install this version and that server costs you money.

2. Hosted Version

Hosted version of Mautic is available on Mautic.com and it’s a paid version. You just have to go to Mautic.com, sign up to request a free demo of Mautic. Once your demo account is created, they’ll provide some resources or Mautic guides describing how to use it.

If you like the demo you can extend it to a full purchase by contacting them. They don’t disclose their pricing but it depends on how many records you want to have in your account.

How To Use Mautic?

To start using Mautic, first you need to install it. So decide which Mautic version you want to use. If it is the self-hosted version, you can follow the below steps or checkout this quick Mautic guide for setup:

  1. Download the latest version of Mautic
  2. Unzip the downloaded Mautic file and transfer it to your preferred installation location in your remote directory using your FTP Client.
  3. Setup a new MySQL database. Create a new database in it, then a user and then grant all permissions to that new MySQL user.
  4. Navigate to your Mautic Installation URL (Mautic.yourdomain.com or yourdomain.com/Mautic) and complete the Mautic Installation Wizard.
  5. Once the installation is done, you can start using it.

Still have any kind of confusion, here’s a complete Mautic user guide. You can check it out to learn about Mautic installation, setup, etc.

If you want to use the hosted version, you don’t need to install it. Just follow the steps written below:

  1. Just go to Mautic.com.
  2. You’ll see a Request A Demo button on that page.
  3. Click on that button to go to the contact form.
  4. Fill all the fields in that form to create your demo account.
  5. Once your account is created, you’ll receive the credentials. Use those credentials to login and start using Mautic.


So that was a quick Mautic guide and I hope it has cleared most of the doubts about Mautic. If you’re running short of time, here are some key takeaways for you:

  1. Mautic saves you time you waste on repetitive marketing tasks
  2. It grows your email list fast
  3. It helps brands in customer retention and make strong relationships with them
  4. You can create high converting marketing campaigns easily with Mautic
  5. It increases your conversion rates that eventually boosts your sales
  6. It is available in both free and paid versions

So if you’re also looking for a tool that smoothens your business growth, you must give Mautic a try. If you still have any kind of confusion regarding this tool, write it in the comment box below.

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